Friday, March 25, 2005

"I dont see nothing wrong with a little bump and grind."

Or do I?

Lol. anyways funny song. I just bought Without a Paddle and the soundtrack to Chicago from Record Exchange. I went with my sister she's come to visit us. She's 24 and she's fun. We went to House of Hunan and I had way to much spicy mustard and my mouth was on fire. She also gave me a lot of help with my sexuality. She said that sexuality isn't just black and white. That it is more of a percentage like people aren't 100% straight or gay they're more 30/70 or something like that. So, that helps a lot. And, I told my dad that I failed math, I didnt mention physics but thats ok. I want to go hang out with Megan. I really like her a lot. I don't know, have a good Happy Friday, I mean Happy Good Friday. Or would it be a sad Good Friday? I dont know. Bye!

Thursday, March 10, 2005

"Forget them, Wendy. Forget them all..."

"Come with me where you'll never, never have to worry about grown-up things again."- Peter Pan

I've been waiting for you Peter. I've been waiting for years for you to come and get me. But, alas, you still haven't shown up. And, sadly I only have a few more years left until I'm ever much more than twenty. Peter, don't forget me. I won't forget you.

If I could leave them I would. I'd leave all my grown-up things behind.

I went on a date this past weekend. Well, it wasn't exactly officially a date. I mean, my cousin was there because she slept over and the girl I went with has a boyfriend. But, I don't know. It was still nice. I think she really likes me, which scares me. I feel like I don't want to Fuck up her life with my disaster of a life. Who wants this mess? I wouldn't. I really want to do something with this guy I know, and I've been getting some signals but then, I don't. Its like my "gayness" isn't as strong. Which I like. But, at the same time, its like been a part of me for so long now that I sometimes fight to keep it going. There's this other girl, well, let me just quote Aladdin, because he said it pretty well,

ALADDIN:Oh, but Genie. She's smart and fun and...
GENIE: Pretty?
ALADDIN:Beautiful. She's got these eyes that just...and this hair, wow...and her smile.
GENIE: Ami. C'est l'amour.

Yeah, so I really like her. But, I'm not so sure if she likes me. I mean we hang out and stuff and I was supposed to go over her house last night but I slept through her phone call. What should I do? Should I ask her out? Or should I find out how she feels about me first? I want to take the safe rout and just forget about her, but I don't want to.

So, Tuesday, March 8, 2005. My little brother, my mom, and I went to see Peter Pan played by Cathy Rigby at Playhouse Square! It was unbelievably awesome. At one part Peter was like, "If you believe in fairies say, 'I believe'" So, I shouted out "I BELIEVE!" It was pretty funny. We went with my school's theatre club and we were all sitting in different sections, and after the play, my mom and I were talking about me shouting that, and they were like, "That was you?" And I said, "Oh, was I that loud?" Lol. But, I loved it, and so did my little brother.
TO ALL YOU CRITICS OUT THERE WHO SAY THAT CATHY RIGBY IS TOO OLD TO PLAY PETER PAN: I asked my little brother how old he thought the person playing Peter Pan was, and he told me, "Umm... 10?" So, yeah! She totally acted like a 7 year old boy. It was just an awesome play. I of course have my own gripes but they good definitely outways the bad and I not only recommend it, but I will hunt you down if I find out that you had a chance to see it and you passed it up! :D BYE!