Friday, February 25, 2005

I love you!

I really do. This is a happy post! Ok, so I learned how to dive in school! Yeah, I have swimming first period now and we like learn how to swim, who knew?

Also, I went to the wedding with Aimee, and it was soo much fun! It was just like when we hang out at school with a little more dancing a little less singing. The food was really good, and she was really pretty. And, I broke my shoe, lol. But,they were from Good Will and only cost like $1, so no loss! :D

And, I finished one of the Disney essays that I'm working (well now was working) on. The theme was Communication, the Key to Understanding. So, I wrote about how Walt Disney had to communicate to his staff so that they could carry out his creative visions. :) It was really fun to write

Tomorrow, I need to wake up at 5:00 am to drive like an hour to the Penguin Bowl competition. Penguin Bowl, btw, is a comp. where teams from diff. schools answer questions related to the ocean. I'm really horrible, and I'm the captain of my team, so, yeah. lol

And, today at lunch we all bonded. We each had little pieces of paper, and we nice things about eachother on them. It was awesome! :D

Saturday, February 19, 2005

Bloggers Beware! Your in for a scare!

That title was for you, Rachel! I know you used to love you some GooseBumps! :D

I am editing my info because I saw on the news that Blogs are being used to target teens. So, no more location in my profile. :)

When oppurtunity rings...

So, I stayed home Tuesday (February 15, 2005) because I've been sick and tired of being sick and tired, :) . I emailed Disney and DreamWorks for information on their copycat films for a paper that I'm doing for Language Arts. Disney emailed me back and gave me a phone number to call, I called it and the lady on the other end didnt have an answer so she gave me another number. I called that and talked to another lady who gave me another number. I called that number and I hear, "Bruce Hendricks' office." And, I dumbly mutter, "What?". And he repeats, "Bruce Hendricks' office." And, I once again said, "What?" And we played this game until I could grasp the fact that I wasn't talking to another telemarketer lady behind the desk and I was talking to a real person. I asked him my question, "When did the preproduction of The Wild begin?" He didn't have an answer and he gave me another number for Doug Short's office, who's secretary gave me the number to Art Repola's office. Bruce Hendricks, Doug Short, and Art Repola shouldn't ring a bell in your head and it certainly didn't for me. So, I googled them and found out that Bill Hendricks was the 2nd Unit Director of Pirates of the Caribbean (click on the title of this thread!) And, Art Repola is the Disney Studios visual effects senior vice president. I don't remember who Doug Short but he's someone in the company like that. I didn't actually talk to Doug or Art but I did talk to Bill!!! And, now I have there numbers. Aimee helped me to realize that I now have connections, lol. Neat, huh? So, this was a great moment in my life and I'm so happy to be able to share it with you all! :D

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Sweethearts Dance Part 2

So, the dance was so awesome!!! I had the best time, and if I'm not mistaken I would say that Megan enjoyed herself as well.

So, the night started when Megan picked me up from my house. She looked amazing. I mean she always looks super beautiful, but she had her hair and makeup and everything and it was just great. So, we went to Buehler's Supermarket to get her corsiage (SP?) and it was really fun because we were all dressed up. I told her that we have to go shopping again in really crazy costumes because that was too much fun. She took me to her house, and I met her mom, and her dad, and Chris from the Best Buy Geek Squad who was fixing her computer. And, when we were leaving I told her that I don't listen to music, and I only listen to Disney songs. She was kind of skeptical, and I was really shocked that she didnt already know that I loved Disney, so she puts on her Disney Princess CD and all of her doubts about whether or not I was lieing about if I loved Disney were gone. The first song was Just Around the Riverbend from Pocahontas (God, I love Alan Menken!!!) and I from the beginning to the end I was singing it with passion and inflection and everything. It was really funny, and she was cracking up. We went to BW3's Sports Bar and we met up with about 11 other kids from Medina, Juniors and Seniors. And, I was really surprised when Andrew said hi to me. I dont think that Id ever talked to him before but he acted like we were best friends, which was really cool. Because he's really hot. lol. He was telling us all about loopdeloops, and hamburgers and something else which I can not write about here, let me just tell you that it is disgusting and hilarious at the same time. lol. Megan, Erin, Me and some other girl all played the trivia game (NTN) . And there was this guy there, MR. X who I guess is always there and always wins. Later that night, Megan and I went to refill our drinks and on the way this guy asked us if we were going to prom or a dance like that. And I casually told him that we were escorts. haha. And, Megan, being as cool as she is, played right along. So, it turns out that we were escorts that people would pay for to go to Weddings with if they didnt have a date, lol. And, the guy completely bought it, lol. This little kid brushed up next Megan, and I was acting like I was going to beat him up, lol. I was saying things like (not to the kid) "thats my girl" and stuff like that. lol. And, oh! Megan and I met Mr. X, I shook his hand. Our group ordered 200 wings. I could only eat 4 lol. I was feeling really good. :)

So, at the dance, at first I was a bit shy and I didnt want to dance, but then Megan and I went crazy and we were dancing so funny, lol. It really took the pressure off of the evening. Megan taught me how to "drop it like its hot" and when I did it, it got too hot, and I ripped my pants, lol. I took her arms and held them around my stomach, and she walked me to a chair lol. She took me home to change my pants and on the way I learned who Chingy is. :) Megan met my family and she said that she loves my little brother, but who doesnt? When we returned to the dance, Megan and I were dancing and we kind of split up for a few minutes, and me and Matt were dancing around Angela, it was really funny, lol. And, I was showing everyone my butt, and saying, "look they're not ripped" I met up with Megan again, and at the slow songs she didnt want to slow dance, so I acted like I didnt want to either, and we did a mix of an interpretive belly dance irish jig kind of thing and I would say "Fast" and we would dance fast, and then I would say, "slow!" and we would go back to the interpretive, lol. I asked my friend Katie if I could cut in to her and her date, and they said yes, so I grabbed her date, and Megan got Katie, it was really funny. Megan's sister, "sir-rah" (its actually sierra) asked me why i was so tall and I told her because I dont drink milk and I smoke and drink coffee daily. Later she asked me how I got so cool, and I told her because I drink milk everyday. lol. Sierra and I were talking in UbbieDubbie, thats the language that the Zoomers speak on Zoom. And, I showed them my Larrie the Cucumber impersonation. I ordered the food from the duncan donuts drive through with a jamaican accent and it was just a really fun night! :D I hope that Megan enjoyed it as much as I did. :)

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Sweethearts Dance

I asked a girl to sweethearts, and she actually said yes! Well, actually I asked her to homecoming accidentally, and then I started laughing, so she started laughing, and she didn't think that I was seriously asking her. So, I had to ask her again, lol. But we're going Saturday. And, today my dad took me to The Men's Wearhouse ("You're gonna like the way you look, I guarantee it") to get a suit for me. Its pretty hard to find a suit my size because I'm 6'6" and I need extra long sleeves and a small body section. :) I wanted to get an all pink suit, but the tux rental place near my house closed down, and no place that actually sells suits has pink ones. Too bad, because that would have been kick ass! (Yes, I do sware, but ask anyone that's around me and they'll tell you how infrequently it occurs. Usually when I am really mad or really excited!) Someone in my physics class told me that my date for the dance and I were going to eat dinner with Erin Belbrey(SP?) and her date, and I was like "Who is that?" And she was like, " Mario! You've sat next to her since the first day of Physics!!!" LOL, how was I supposed to know that her last name was Belbrey(SP?)? But it should be interesting. We are going to BW3's to eat. I hope they have plain pasta, because I always drop food on my clothes, lol. My date and I are invited to a party after the dance, my sister told me not to tell my parents and just go because my mom will say no, she always does. I think I might, but I don't know. I want to at least tell my dad. Its not like I would drink or do drugs, I don't do that stuff. I'm pretty much a "straight edge" except I don't completely block drugs from my body, I do take tylenol for headaches. I think thats all for today, ttyl! See you on the dance floor, :)

Thursday, February 03, 2005

I stole this from Chelsea's blog! :D

» I said I liked you:
» I kissed you:
»I lived next door to you:
» I started smoking:
»I stole something:
»I was hospitalized:
» I ran away from home:
»I got into a fight and you weren't there:
» I died:
» I cried:
» I said something stupid:

» Personality:
» Eyes:
» Face:
» Hair:
» Body:
» Clothes:
» Mannerisms:

Who are you?-
Are we friends?-
When and how did we meet?-
How have I affected you?-
What's your honest opinion of me?-
What's the fondest memory you have of me?-
How long do you think we will be friends or enemies?-
Do you miss me when I'm not around?-
Do you love me?-
Have I ever hurt you physically/emotionally?-
Would you attack me?-
Would you hug me?-
Would you kiss me?-
Are we close?-
Are we close enough?-
Why or why not?-
Emotionally, what stands out?-
Do you wish I was cooler?-
On a scale of 1-10, how nice am I?-
Give me a nickname and explain why you picked it.-
Am I loveable?-
Am I huggable?-
How long have you known me?-
Describe me in one word.-
What was your first impression?-
Do you still think that way about me now?-
What do you think my strength is?-
What do you think my weakness is?-
Do you think I'll get married?-
What about me makes you happy?-
What about me makes you sad?-
How often do you think of me?-
What reminds you of me?-
What's something you would change about me?-
How well do you know me?-
Ever wanted to tell me something but couldn't?-
Do you think I would kill someone?-
Are you going to put this on your journal and see what I say about you?