Monday, January 31, 2005

D. All of the above

I think this might be on the longer side, so grab your popcorn and slippers and get comfy. :)

Well, lately I've been feeling a drag with my love for Disney. I just don't feel the same rush that I used to. Maybe its because there isn't much of the animated films for me to learn and find out. But, I still love, love, love Disney! I'm just in a bit of a rough patch right now. So, in my search for more studios to become a fanatic of, I've stumbled across Jim Henson and his Muppet pals. I've been posting on this great site, When they say Muppet Central, they mean Muppet Central, there's a radio, the forums are great, always new posts, and so much more stuff that I havent even begin to look through. I really like the Muppets because they were a huge part of my childhood, with Sesame Street, Dinosaurs, Muppet Babies, Fraggle Rock, and the Muppet Films. Its a really nice way to reminisce, and of course learn! I am learning so much on here.

Also, I ask daily Disney Trivia Questions on And, I love doing it. Whenever a good "DTQ" pops into my head, I save it in a file on my comp. So, I collected them, and found out that if I asked one a day, of the unanswered DTQs, that I would have enough til September. So, I decided to not make up anymore until they are all asked and then I can start more. So, lately I've been asking about 3-5 a day to get rid of them all. This has really sucked the fun out of DTQs for me, but I have to stick with it, until I'm done. Its really created a drain mentally on me. The DTQs were a way for me to be creative, but now I just feel like I'm cut and pasting. Eventhough I thought up all of the DTQs that I'm asking, its not the same. All of this lack of creativity and drain of fun has made me really cranky and I snapped at two people on Magical Ears for criticizing my DTQs. I later found out that they were both joking, but it really hurt my feelings. I take so much time thinking up DTQs and the members answer them in like 5 secs. And, they never thank me or anything. But, once I get through these, I will bounce back.

I pulled a 3.5 for my GPA, and my over all for highschool so far is a 3.3. Which I think is pretty good, I brought it up. And, I've been doing good in my classes. Except physics, I'm really struggling, but I think that I'm going to do really well on the upcoming quiz. In Pre-Calc, I got 10/10 on my quiz, so I'm pretty excited.

About last week, Mrs. Neimo, the Penguin Bowl coach (Penguin Bowl is a national competition, testing the knowledge that students have of the Oceans), asked me if I wanted to go to regionals. I wasn't prepared at all, because I joined late, and I just thought that because I couldn't go to Nationals, I'd just answer what ever I knew at the practices and hang out and eat some free popcorn. So, now I'm the capt. lol, not prepared at all, and well, we'll just see. :)

Aimee and I have been getting really close lately. She told me a secret and it was that I'm her best friend, and today I realized that she's mine. She invited me to a wedding on the 19th of February, and I said yes. I'll have to call off of work (that will make 3 called of days out of 4 in February! Not good, lol) but it should be really fun. I can't wait. Aimee is really cool because she gets most of my jokes, which usually arent funny and involve tv and movies a lot. She also can tolerate my singing, which is really good. I think she sings really well, but whenever she realizes that I'm listening to her, she stops. But, one day maybe she'll be more open to me with singing.

This past week has been really difficult on me with my sexuality. For example, Friday afternoon I decided that I was gay, Friday night not, Saturday gay, Monday morning not, Monday Morning gay. So, its been really hectic and confusing. I asked two girls to homecoming, they said no. For some reason, announcing that you're gay really turns them off. I want to go, but I don't want to go alone. And, I would ask Aimee, but I think she might think I'm asking her on a date, and I just want to be friends. I don't know.

Oh, I got the Harry Potter Gryffindor Scarf that Lyra knitted for me in the mail! Its so awesome, and tomorrow I'm wearing it to school for Winter Wear Day! I'm also going to wear my Harry Potter Lightning bolt sticker that I got from Good Will for 25 cents. I can't wait. I wrote Lyra a letter in the mail, and I included the one that I wrote in August that I never sent, along with $25 to pay for the scarf+s.h. I'm really glad that I sent her that, I want to send a letter to her sister, Kiara, too. (Kiara and Lyra aren't there real names, but that's what they told me to call them, so I don't think I'll ever change it) Lyra and I have an interesting past. I kind of fell in love her. Eventhough I'd only chatted with her online. But, sometimes when we talk, the feeling comes back. Its really wierd, and I can't explain it. But, I don't know. Oh, and Thursday is Homecoming Day, where you where your old Homecoming outfits, and I am wearing my Jack Skellington striped suit with bow tie, that I made for Halloween! Its going to be awesome! :D

I guess I have to address the issue that I know is there but I don't want to discuss. My religion. I know that I am unhappy with Disney and with my sexuality because I'm lacking something higher. But, I dont want to address it. I refuse to, and for this I really don't want to go to Texas. Because I am the biggest hypocrit. I go to Texas and I love God and all, and I come back home and I totally walk away from Him. Its horrible but its true. So, now I don't want to go to Texas because thats all that my aunt talks to me about.

"That's the weather around the world! Here's what's happening on your side of my neck!"- Grover

-Mario :) (Thanks to all and any who actually read that! :D)

Monday, January 17, 2005

So, no school Friday. I went to work with my dad. I got trained for my job at a lady's shoe store, which is in the same plaza as my dad's restaurant. Saturday, I worked from 10-8 at the shoe store. I run the cash register. Its really easy, except we arent allowed to have a chair by the cash register so my feet get really tired from standing up for 10 hours. But, its interesting. The shoe store and restaurant are in the trashy ghetto area ever! And, they sell the most bizarre tramp ghetto slut boots and high heels that I have ever seen. lol. They sell the high heels up to size 12 in womens and the boots in up to size 11. So, I'm thinking that maybe I should buy some just in case I need some nice trashy boots one day. :)

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

"Bam! Elimanation, lack of education!"

That would be from the movie Fox and the Hound. Big Mama sings it and its like the worst part of the movie besides big mama herself. She just ruined the movie for me, and maybe I would enjoy an edited version of the film, with big mama not in it, but with her I just can't watch it.

So I have exams this week. Tuesday I had Physics and then Social Studies. My Physics exam was super duper easy. Our exam is an hour and a half long. We had 6 problems that were an acummulation of everything we had learned over the year. And we had an hour to do those, with a note card. The last 30 min. was group work!!! :) I mean this is a advanced placement class, and we got to work in groups on the exam!!! So this should definitely boost up my grade from a D+ to at least a C-. And, my Social Studies was really easy too. I forgot to do the take home essay. But, he let me turn it in the next day. :) Which is good because it was 40% of the exam!!! And, I also forgot to do my L.A. project due Monday, so Tuesday I searched for Ms. Leuthold and gave it to her, and I don't think that she will take points off because its late, which is good. So, I found her before she started giving an exam, and I would have had to take it her exam for language arts on tuesday, so I asked her if I could do it then. The L.A. arts exam was my only exam today so I didn't go to school because I had already taken it!!! So, I woke up at 11:40. I called my friend zack. And, he came over, after I had taken a shower and straightened up the living room and kitchen a bit, and of course "oust"ed the whole house, :) . We exchanged christmas presents. And, he got me really cool stuff. He got me a model of Dr. Zira or something, from Planet of the Apes, lol!!! :) We built it. And, two batman tooth brushes, lol, with toothpaste, and a superman bag, and disney princess gummy bracelets!!! :) I thnk that he liked his troll/troll2 double dvd that i got him. we watched it and it was really bad, which is good. We walked around the square and played risk in the library. we were cracking up about boomsheeka or something. it was really fun. alright, ill post again soon. -Mario

Saturday, January 08, 2005

Elvis Presley

When I was little, I used to love Elvis!! I wanted to go to one of his concerts when I would be older soo badly. I didn't know that he was dead until his commerative stamp came out. Remember that? And, I thought that he died that day. I didn't know that he had been dead for like 20 years! But, I would always sing his songs, and my lip used to twitch up like his does (still does sometimes, :) ), and my sister used to see a resemblance. He was my favorite singer all through grade school. Well, anyways today is his birthday!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ELVIS!!! I thought of a really good idea for my sketch book for his birthday. I hope I can upload it (well, that is if I get it on paper first.) That's all for now. My sister is coming over at 1:00 so we can open christmas/ her birthday presents. :) -Mario

Friday, January 07, 2005

"And for once it might be grand..."

"...To have someone understand. I want so much more than they've got planned."
Thats a line from "Belle" from Beauty and the Beast. Its one of my favorite songs, but now that line has soo much meaning to me.

I am failing Pre-Calculus and Physics. I care but I don't. I'm too fed up. I study... and uhh!!! I don't want to do anything remotely related to this stuff. I want to be a voice actor/Bill Irwan/ Dave Smith. My dad wants me to be a biologist mathemetician. It sucks so bad. Its like I study, and nothing sticks. So, I study more and nothing sticks. And, I watch a Disney movie and I memorized the entire thing. I just want to leave. To leave it all. If I had the choice right now of going to Florida and never coming back, I would. I would just get a job in WDW and just live there. That's all I would do. I hate this. There's this girl, she's my good friend. She was in my Physics Class. She ran away to California. She's my idol. Everyone is making fun of her, but she's my idol right now. I just want to go with her. But, I'm stuck right here, "In this poor provincial town."

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

"Uh, master. There are a few addendas, some quid pro quos..."

That's from Aladdin. Genie is trying to tell Jafar about the limitations on his wishes. My limitations are more like limitations on Game Day. Which is what I originally titled this post.

There's a couple of things that I would like to discussbut I'm not sure how I want to go about it. So, I'm just going to start and see where we end up.

This week has been really weird. It is the last week before exams so its like the last week of the grading period. I have a ton of tests today and tomorrow and I have been trying to play Disney Trivial Pursuit with my friend Katie and the people that she sits by. Our free periods don't line up so I have to go to Painting Class first period instead of second and get a pass to leave Painting from my art teacher, Mrs. Keeling (she's really cool) to go to Katie's study hall. She is a senior so she has study hall in the senior commons, and they don't take attendance, so I just slip right in. Plus, I'm the tallest one in the room so no one thinks I'm a Junior. But, next semester I might not be able to switch around my classes because I know I won't have a teacher as nice as Mrs. Keeling to let me do that. So, this is the last possible week for us to play the game. But, I can't do it everyday of the week because I also want to bring the Disney Trivial Pursuit on a day that I can play it with Ms. Leuthold and Joe at my lunch 4th period. Ms. Leuthold is a really cool teacher and above all, she's a Disney Fan, just like me. I wanted to have her for my Language Arts teacher so badly. But, sadly I wasn't able to get her, so her and I had to change around my schedule 4 times before I got into her class! I eat my lunch in her room so that I can watch Disney movies 4th period. But, that isn't the only reason. I have tutoring every Tuesday and Thursday for Physics during my lunch period, so I miss half of lunch (about 25 min's.). One day, about a month or two ago, I came late and sat down next to the people that I sat with, and the other guy that sat at our table, Al, said, "We were just talking about you." But, no one would tell me about what. So, after like two days of asking everyone, Liz who sat there, was absent and I asked the group again. And Al, said, "Liz confessed her undieing love for you." And, I wasn't completely shocked because I semi-expected this, well that's at least what I really wanted to happen. So, Kaylee asks me, "Well do you like her." And, I didn't want to commit too much so I said, " I don't know, sure." Or something like that. She asked me since when, and I responded, "About 9th grade, so 2 years." So, the whole day I was sooo happy and just couldn't wait to tell Liz what I knew. But she wasn't online and before I called her I wanted to talk to Kaylee again. Kaylee told me, "If you really like her don't tell her." And, I was thinking, "Because she'll get upset, and will be mad at everyone for telling her secret." So I asked her why, and she finally admitted that they had made the whole thing up! She said that Al, said that sarcastically and they didn't expect that I actually liked Liz. I immediately signed off. I was so mad and upset. I signed back on and of course forgave Kaylee. I'm such a Fucking push over!!!! I wanted to get soo mad at her and rip her apart, but I kept it inside. So, I stopped sitting by them. But, I told them that I was going to stop sitting there so that I could watch Disney movies. Liz had done the same thing to me, last year, leaving me with two people I didn't know so that she could watch Wheel Of Fortune. But, it was actually a good thing, because I got really close with those two people, Jen and Jaimee(SP?), more than Liz herself. ,
So, now the limitations on our game day is this week, not tuesday or thursday and not monday or tuesday. As, you may have noticed I posted this at noon. Yes, there's a snow day today. ("Jafar, Jafar, he's our man, if he can't do it... GREAT!" ) This day of all days, so now I will have to see if I can do this Friday. But I'm not sure if I want to because it will be one of the last time's that I get to be in Art class with someone. Someone that I have really begun to like a lot. A whole lot. And, I feel that the signals are growing stronger. I told him I wanted to hang out over break but never called him (remember the whole monopoly issue in the post, "Work all day to get our pay"?) and I could tell that he was hurt by the fact that I didn't call him.

But, there's also a good side to this unexpected and frankly unnecessary snow day (it snowed for like 2 minutes, but they're afraid of ice storms.) is that I get to study for my multitudinous tests that were scheduled for today, tomorrow, and Friday. But, because of the "ice storms" we won't be visiting my sister like we had planned today after school, going to my doctor's appointment by her house, on Thursday. But, she said that she might come out on Saturday.

Thanks for listening to my complaining, (if anyone even finished this post) :) -MArio

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

"Life is so unnerving for a servant who's not serving."

You may find it weird that I have waited so long to write about the death of Jerry Orbach. But, it wasn't until I found myself singing "Be Our Guest" yesterday that I realized the loss. I had never fully understood what people meant by "He'll live in our hearts." I had always believed it to merely be a figure of speech. For me, Jerry Orbach will live on through Lumiere the Candelabra. Every time I sing (and I do often) one of the lines that he has made infamous or see a still frame of Lumiere, I will think of Jerry Orbach. It is weird how the death of an actor can trigger emotions that were not called upon while they were still living. It is almost as if the death throws a pitcher of cold water on our heads and we no longer take for granted their special and unique talents. I will miss you Jerry, and I thank you for the wonderful gifts that you have given me even if you didn't know you did. JERRY ORBACH ( October 20, 1935- December 28, 2004)

Sunday, January 02, 2005

"Work all day to get our pay. We get our pay, we throw away our pay."

That's from Dumbo. BTW.

This week really sucked. I wasn't allowed to go out, so I didn't bother calling anybody. My cousin came over for two days unexpectedly. She's in the 6th grade. We mainly played games and stuff. I guess that was fun but it made me feel like shit. I mean, I'm 16, and what was I doing? I was playing Tic-Tac-Toe with a 12 year old. Whoopee! And, my mom's monopoly on me over this Christmas Break has really made me mad at her. I wasn't allowed to do anything. Its like she is the only one that is allowed to see me. So, I told her what this was doing to me. I told her that it was making me really depressed and to get out of this depression I needed to do stuff with friends. I mean family is fine but for how long? You start to feel like no one likes you except for your family. So then you don't even try to call people anymore. But of course she didn't listen. She never does.

I wrapped Zack's Christmas present today. Yes, I know its like a week after Christmas but thats ok. I just recieved it in the mail on Friday anyways. Its really cool, I hope he thinks its funny. I keep reading stuff about it on Google because it just looks soo funny. I also wrapped the present for my sister Julie, its the Hedwig and the Angry Inch soundtack. I want both of those presents that I got them soo bad! I always do that. I buy stuff for people that I want myself. Except for this Christmas I got my little brother things that I don't like. I was proud of myself.

Yesterday was my dad' birthday. Yeah, he's 46. He owns a restaurant and my sister works there with him. I used to work there, too, but I don't like how my dad acts when we're at work. He's a real ass. Like he's my boss or something! I mean come on. But, I told everyone that it was because I got burnt by a french fry. I did, and it really hurt, but there was more to the story. So, anyways, because it was my dad's birthday, he wasn't going to be working, but he still wanted the restaurant open and my sister was scheduled from 11am-7pm. They were closing early because of the New Year/B-day. So, of course in front of my cousin, so that I couldn't say no, my sister, Carlie, asks me if I will work with her on Saturday. I said yes but I wanted to say no. But I couldnt say no anyways. Even if my cousin wasn't there. If my sister asks me to do something and I say no, she'll nag me to tears until I finally say yes. So, I always say yes and then she gets mad at me when I don't follow through. I'm surprised that she hasn't learned yet that I'm not a man of my word when it comes to house chores, and that I'm just saying yes so that she'll leave me alone for five minutes. But, besides that she's fun and funny. She is really weird though, and her anti-socialness whatever its called really pisses me off. I mean, eventhough I have it, too (not as badly as she does), I still talk to my family and don't act like a snobby bitch that just stays in my room when my aunts and uncles come to visit. She just goes upstairs and let's me fend for myself while they all ask me in their most beliddling, "I-don't-even-care-but-I-need-to-have-a-fully-detailed-report-when-I-get-home-so-I-can-tell-everyone-else-in-our-family" tone questions like, "How is she?" "Where is she?" , etc. And its just like you dont even call before you come over and you barge into our lives without an invitation, so just back the fuck up and leave us alone. But, no, I don't say that, I think that, but I don't say that. But, Carlie, doesn't even need to play nice because she's upstairs looking at her Victoria's Secret catalogues and deciding what possesions of hers take up too much room and need to be thrown away. I bet its her bed thats next to go.

Well, thats all for now. I'll post shortly. Adios!