Saturday, April 09, 2005

Good Stuff

So, I'm really happy about life. I really like Megan a lot now. And I want to tell her how I feel. Jeanne, thank you so much for helping me sort out my thoughts and practicing, lol. :) And, today at school I got asked to the prom by this really hot girl. So, that really boosted my spirits. I was like, "Wow, I am already going with Megan but I totally would have said yes. Thanks, you made me so happy." And I felt so bad because its really hard to put yourself out there like that and ask someone that you hardly know. But, yeah. So, I asked Megan online to the Prom on Friday. But, because that's such a stupid way of asking someone, I decided to really overdo it, :) . On Tuesday I made this huge poster and hung it up in her spanish room (after I found it in the trash after I initially hung it in the lunch room) and it said, "Tizzona, girl, you is be so fine- Malcolm" and it was really funny. And, Wednesday I wrote her a poem which went something like

Without you I'm incomplete
I need to go to sleep
My pen is dead
I think of you when I see bread
If I were Chinese I'd pick you rice
But, because I'm white, Casserole will have to suffice
If I were Black I'd get you some Gumbo
But, because I love Disney you'll be forced to watch Dumbo.
If I were French, for you I'd eat a snail
XxpoysndeathwishxX is the girl I want to nail
If I were Western I'd buy you a bloody steak
We'd be like American Gothic, I call "Guy holding rake"
You are the "Gona" to my "Ria"
The bloody veins in my eye
Oh, Miss Tashonta Jackson, won't you make me a lucky guy?
- Dan Quayle
"vote yes on 26"

HAHA, yeah. And, on the back I drew a centaur. And, on Thursday, I drew her a caricature of herself and framed it. It didn't look like her but it was still nice, and I gave her a skimpy dress and huge boobs. One of those small bodies huge heads kind of caricature. And, on Friday yesterday now, (I need to go to sleep), I decorated her locker with all these things, and I couldn't blow up the balloons so I just threw them in her locker, lol. Thanks, to her sister for giving me her combo, :) . Yeah, so I think I win the award for most stuff done to ask someone to Prom.

Haha, goodnight. :) -Mario~~


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