Sunday, April 24, 2005

DTQ no more?

Yeah, so I've been doing the Daily Trivia Questions on Magical Ear for about a year now. And, I think I'm done with it. If I could, I'd be done with the whole Magical Ears thing. I'm sick of it. There's too much drama and it isn't fun anymore. I like Jeanne and I like Katy and I like Nick. But, it's too much. Bill wants me to stay til August and I think I will. But, I dont wanna. I am handing over the reigns of the DTQ over to Katy because I think that she will do it like I did. I really want to focus on writing the books that I've been working on now. I think I've spent enough time on Magical Ears and with the DTQs.

Ok, I don't like this topic. I am avoiding the issue. Bill, I hope you read this. I don't understand you. I am not sure how you feel and I can't read you. And, I don't like that. I feel like you are hiding or that you are scared. I want to be your friend, but I can't. Sometimes you just seem so sneaky. I don't know its like you are cruel and then nice and then too cool and then nice. I don't know, I just think you're hiding and I keep coming back to that. I just want you to know that I want to be your friend, but I don't want to get hurt or betrayed and I don't want you to hide in front of me, and I don't want you to put up a front.


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