Thursday, December 30, 2004

"Bloody Mary, O+"

That's from A Bug's Life, at the bar in the city. And, it is one of my favorite lines from a movie. So, if I was a drink at a bar, this would be ow you make it...

How to make a mario

3 parts mercy

5 parts silliness

3 parts joy
Blend at a low speed for 30 seconds. Add a little cocktail umbrella and a dash of sadness

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Porn name

So, I thought I would like to share with you guys some stuff about me.

Porn name: Take the name of your first pet and the street you grew up on. I am taking the name of the stuffed animal dog that I had when I was little because I only had one pet when I was little and I don't remember the name of it. It was a black chick. Not an african american woman, haha, but a dark baby chicken. So, my porn name is Pickles Waterloo. Isn't that the best Porn name ever?!?! :)

If I could be anybody in a play, I would be Peter Pan, Capt. Hook, Bert from Mary Poppins, Gaston, Scar, and Mr. Banks from Mary Poppins. And, not or.

I want to go to clown college, no joke, I'm seriously concidering it. I also want to be a storyboard artist and the next Dave Smith. I also want to be a dentist for the money and time off. Yes, I am going to be a clown.

I like drawing wild cats.

My favorite Monopoly piece is the Horse and rider. I'm going to go play Monopoly. BYE!

Disney Trivial Pursuit

For the last couple of days my little brother and I have been playing the games that we got for Christmas. Cranium Cadoo Jr., Yahtzee, Monopoly Jr., and yesterday we played Disney Trivial Pursuit with my mom and my sister. Let's just say that the game didn't go as I had planned. My little brother beat me!!! I was so mad, but at the same time really proud of him. He was answering questions to movies that I don't even remember seeing. Like he was answering questions about The Rescuers, which we don't own, and rented more than a year ago! Well, I'm signing off and I'm trying to get my thoughts together about Dreamworks for a post in the (hopefully)near future.

Sunday, December 26, 2004

Santa Claus?

I can't for some reason talk about the last few days. So much happened, and I want to pick out the unnecessary and I've restarted this blog twice already. So, lets just roll and see what happens. Ill try to start from the beginning but no promises. :)

Ok, so I was talking to Chelsea (Scar'sMistress, XerxesdePerry, VargaSailor, Kings of Persia, sound familiar? ), she's one of my good friends that I met on Magical Ear's and she is one of the two people that reads this blog, lol. :), So, we were chatting about something I don't remember and I was posting on ME (Magical Ears), when out of the blue, 3:00 in the morning, Christmas Day, the doorbell rings!!! I am supposed to be in bed by the way like 4 hours ago. So without thinking, "What the F***" slips out of my mouth, and as quick as a wink turn off the monitor, turn off the lights, except for one that I didn't get to, lay a finger on the side of my nose, and jump into bed, jeans, glasses and all, and then I giggle in spite of myself. I layed there in my bed for like 6 days, well thats what it felt like. So, I tried to look out my bedroom window to see who was there, but a sheet of ice was clung to the screen blocking my sight. So, I got out of bed, I had already kicked off my jeans and taken off my glasses (quietly, I might add) and walked into the next room in my briefs and wrestling shirt (no, I don't wrestle. Goodwill, baby!) but what to my eyes should appear but nothing. The driveway was empty. But, then I looked to the roof, because there might be a chance that it was Santa! I mean who else comes that early on Christmas Day? And, on the roof I saw what appeared to be footprints. So, I ran to bed, and tried to go to sleep. I mean what if it really was Santa Claus? I mean its a possibility right? I woke up on Christmas Day at about 2:00 PM. It turned out that it was a snowplow man asking for directions to somebody's house on our street and that the "footprints" were just uneven snow. Or is that what I'm supposed to think? mysterious...

So, I got to open one Christmas Present, and guess what it was. My mom had developed the film that I thought I lost from our trip to Walt Disney World last Christmas! And, she said that she found it under the fridge, lol. So, I am going to upload some pics for you guys to see of me and my family in WDW. :)

That night though, my mom and me had the talk. And, she asked me to put out the presents from Santa. I told her "NO!!!!" and said that I wasn't old enough, yet. But, I did it anyways, and I drank the milk and ate the cookies, which I laid out. I should have put more, because they were good.

So, Christmas morning, my sister couldn't come because she couldn't drive out, the roads were too bad. And, I had to take a shower because I pissed all over myself. We opened presents and I got what I wanted, I was happy. Except I really wanted my sister to be there, I miss her a lot. I like to call her house when she's working and leave funny answering machine messages in different voices. It's really fun. We have a lot of fun together and if you know me, you wont believe this, but she is 20 times wierder than me. She taught me all that I know. Well, I'm gonna leave now, I think I posted enough, and I don't really feel like talking about anything else, I'll cya later. Bye!

Friday, December 24, 2004

Cookies for Santa and Knitting

Yesterday was a really good day for me. I was talking with my friend online and asked her if she wanted to make cookies. That was a really big step for me because its hard for me to ask someone if they want to do something. But, she said yes, and she was going to pick me up at 4:00. So, I cleaned the office and the toy room like my mom asked and took a shower because I am the king of musk. And at about 5:00 I realized that the phone was off the hook. I finally got a hold of her online again, and she had to cancel anyways, so it wasn't so bad that my phone was off the hook, she was snowed in anyways. But, we said that we would get together later this week.

Three of my friends on Magical Ears were in Walt Disney World for the past couple of days, and I finally got to talk to them yesterday. It was a real booster, I was so excited to talk to them. One of them is really close to me and we just connect. I put on a Secret Santa at Magical Ears Forums, and I luckily had her as my Santa. She didn't tell me, but I knew right away, because she was real obvious about it. But, anyways, her gift to me was sitting under the tree in it's USPS box. When I told her that I was going to wait until Christmas to open it, she said, "In front of everyone?" So, after getting booted about 3 times I finally gave up on trying to reconnect, snuck over to the tree, and slipped my present from her from underneath it and sneaked off to my room, closing the door behind me. I tore off the cardboard strip and took out the plastic grocery bags used as cushioning. I finally just dumped the contents onto my bed, and stared at it all. I carefully picked up the binder that fell out, and read the cover slip made by hand. It read, "Holiday Survival Guide. The official Knit One, Coutire Too Starter Kit and Training Course." I opened it a purple envelope with the tinkerbell on top, caught my eye. "M. Ashkar" It explained the contents of my gift and how she had already sent me my gift when I asked for something specific, so she sent that, too. You know why? Because she's cool like that. LOL. Well, she ended the letter with a really sweet phrase in Spanish, which I'm not going to share with you right now and signed it, "Lyra". The binder was a teach-yourself-to-knit "book" and there was also two balls of practice yarn and one huge ball of project yarn and two knitting needles and a pink hooky stick thing, all of it was personalized with little touches, stickers, yarn ribbons, and writing. She also included a little swatch as an example of what I could do. She also got me the elf soundtrack which I asked for. Although, I liked the cd a lot, it was the little touches and stickers that really touched me. It was unbelievable to know that someone cares about me so much that they would spend so much time on every detail. It was great, hands down the best present that I have ever or will ever recieve. I already started sewing, and my mom is helping me through the bumps and dropped stitches.

Once again I leave you because I need to take a shower, and I'll talk to you again soon. Merry Christmas. :)

"The children were nestled all snug in their beds, with visions of Santy Claus riding ahead."

Thursday, December 23, 2004

"Through the snow, and sleet, and hale...

...through the blizzard, through the gale, through the wind and through the rain, over mountain, over plain, through the blinding lightning flash, and the mighty thunder crash, ever faithful, ever true, nothing stops him, he'll get through."
That's from Dumbo and although its actually describing the all-weather storks, I think that it applies to me rather well. Well, its freezing here in Medina. I didn't call anybody, but I did take a shower, and I did go shopping with my mom. There is more than a foot of snow on the ground and it keeps on coming. It took us a couple of minutes to get out of my driveway, but once we did we put the pedal to the metal. We were actually going a mind boggling, blood curdling, bonnet tossing, 16 miles an hour max. We went to the store, and when we were there, I wasn't grumpy at all. I was allowing myself to act natural. It was way more fun for me and my mom. I was even laughing outloud, which I don't usually do around my family outside of the house. I saw someone from school who I have never talked to before and he was acting how I usually would have acted. Uptight, hands in my pockets (ok, I had my hands in my pockets, but what am I supposed to do with them?!), no expression, embarrased. And, I'm glad that I wasn't "in with the in crowd"(-Sesame Street). I bought my sister Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, because that was the DVD that she wanted after Napoleon Dynamite and a glass food container that she asked for. My mom bought me Disney Trivial Pursuit(!!!), a Mickey Mouse bank, and Fantasia photomosaics puzzle. I still need to finish my Winnie the Pooh one. So, I saw (and now this is where it gets hard. I can't totally describe this person without giving it away to people that might know them, yet I want to be honest, but I can't, understand?) this person that I knew from my childhood working the cash register, and my mom knew her, too. And, when we were little we...umm... expiremented. We were about five and I have felt terrible about it ever since. Our parents knew about it. I haven't spoken to her about it since, and I hadn't talked to her since the 4th grade (I'm in 11th). Well, of course my mom picks her line, and she smiles at me, I smile back and she asks how we are ya-da-ya-da-ya-da. Well, I was really uncomftorable, and my whole plan of just avoiding her for the rest of my life wasn't working so well. I am trying to decide if I should just talk to her about it or not. I really want to get it out of the way, but I also really don't.
My mom said, "Someone was flirty and it wasn't with me." And, I was like, "No way. It can't be."
(Mom)"Why not?"
"Because of who that was"
(Mom) "Who was it?"
"Like you don't know, guess."
(Mom) "Well at first I thought it was..."
"That's her."
(Mom) "No way."
"So thats why she couldnt have been flirting"
"Does she have a boyfriend?" (I know she didnt forget what happened between us, and I'm not sure if she was playing dumb or if she thinks that we were little and it doesn't even matter now. I think its a big deal, do you?)
Well, anyways I cut off the conversation with a big "Because." And, here I am. I need to get off now to take out the trash. I'll post again soon.

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Snowed in at the House of MarioMouse

So, I'm still getting used to my blog. It took me awhile to figure out how to post again. LOL. I talked to my sister, Julie on the phone and she asked me what I was doing during my winter break. I told her nothing. Even though I was using my psychologist's tips and I got about 4 phone numbers to hang out with people over the break, I just haven't picked up the phone yet. I keep telling myself that its because there's a foot of snow outside, and my mom wouldn't drive me and my friends wouldn't want to pick me up, but I think it might also be my fear of rejection. I sometimes would rather mope around and think of why they would say no, then just asking them. I need to get out of here. Oh, man. Tell me to call! But, I also need to go to the store, and I don't want to make plans and then cancel them. I really want to hang out with this one guy. He is really funny, and I like him a lot. He has a girlfriend, but he has been sending me signals lately. Its been really hard for me deciding if I was gay or straight, both or neither. So, I decided not to decide. It is so much freer than being tied down by the rules. If you say you are gay then you can't like girls. If you say you are straight then you can't like guys. If you say you are bi but then you get fed up... Its just so complicated, so I am not going to classify myself anymore. I need to go buy some gifts. I want to get Napoleon Dynamite for my sister, Julie for Christmas. She asked for it, but they were all sold out in Best Buy, Target, and K-Mart. I live in a small town, so there aren't many stores. Oh, I forgot to check WalMart. I also need to buy something for my friend zack. We were best friends from like 1st grade to 4th, but then I changed schools, and we didnt see eachother again til 9th. But, its really cool, because we both havent' changed that drastically. I want to get zack this movie that is sooo bad that its good. Its called Trolls 2. It is one of the worst films ever made. Haha, I think he'll like it a lot. Well, I think that is enough for my second post. I will write back soon, telling you all if I called people or not. Man, I smell terrible, I need to go take a shower. Bye.

New Blog!

Well, this is my first post in my first blog. I am kind of excited. I haven't even had a journal before. I will try to keep at it, and post daily. I will also strive for the real me, and not try to sugar coat my posts. Um... well, I think I should go to bed now.